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probing adj : diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation; "a probing inquiry"; "a searching investigation of their past dealings" [syn: inquisitory, searching]

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  1. Of something that investigates or explores deeply.
    He was unsettled by her probing questions.


  1. The action of investigating or exploring.


  1. present participle of probe

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Probe may refer to:
In electronics:
  • Robotic probe, a robot that uses onboard instruments to gather and relay a variety of telemetry to controllers from high in the sky, hazardous or otherwise difficult to reach locations
  • Probe card, an interface between an electronic test system and a semiconductor wafer
  • Test probe, a device used to test electronic equipment
  • SS7 probe, a device that extracts SS7 signaling information from telecommunications networks
In science:
  • Hybridization probe, a nucleic acid used for the detection of complementary nucleic acid sequences
  • Langmuir probe, a device that uses electrodes inserted into plasma to measure electron temperature, electron density, and plasma potential
  • Atom probe, an atomic-resolution microscope
  • A class of surgical instruments used to explore inside the human body
In media:
Probe may also be:
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